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For those that are looking for something that bit special...something enlightening....
Innovative bespoke solutions
Inside the Glass Wall Yurt
In 2013 we teamed up with a pair of artists from Norway to transform the Insulated Yurt design into something far more versatile and yet still retaining the essential feel of our handcrafted insulated yurts.
The Glass Wall Yurt combines the insulated yurt's aesthetic qualities with requirements for more natural light and an increased sense of connection to nature.  
If you are looking for luxury then we have redefined what that means for a yurt. 
Since making the first one we have made many of these beautiful structures, we have sent them to the UK, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France and even Israel. They have been used for yoga studios, homes and living spaces, school rooms, meditation spaces, workrooms and offices and lots more besides.   

New from 2021 - Two layers of Canvas

We are continually revising our designs and offerings to make sure they are the best in the market. From 2021 and unique to the Yurt Workshop our insulated and glass-wall yurts dont just come with  one canvas roof cover but includes an additional canvas roof cover to make sure our yurts work in the harshest of climates
Read more about these yurts and how they fare in daily use.
See some more photos:
After 8 years of daily use here is what one customer shared:
"I would not change a thing, it is perfect"  
Craftsmanship and innovation, this is what we excel at, and it seems we have struck a chord with you, our customers, too.
Combining the safe and secure space of an insulated yurt with the capacity to allow the light in, a vast amount of light, and give a superb vantage to the "outside" has redefined the yurt. It has brought the ancient and modern together and produced something extremely fresh and new. 


Design Your Glass Wall Yurt

Each glass wall yurt we make is unique, bespoke, and there isn't a standard model.  The glass walls are made of interlocking panels (approx. 100cm width or 170 cm for double doors and windows) that can be configured to your liking.
The panels come in 4 distinct types:
      Door panels - usually these are 3/4 glass doors or double doors for a more grand feeling
      Glass panels - glass from top to bottom 
      Opening glass panels - same as glass panels but they open to aid with ventilation etc.  
      Wooden panels - these are wood from top to bottom.  
Below is a plan view of a recent yurt we have completed:
The yurt below is a more sophisticated glass wall yurt utilising double doors and windows.  
Once you have an idea of the size and design you would like, draw a circle and mark on the position of the panels you would like and send it to me and I will  prepare an estimate for you. 
Here is an example:
Example of your yurt design
Glass wall yurt in Huddersfield, UKAs one recent customer shared,
"It has the Wow factor I was looking for"

How to Find Out More

Rob wants to hear from you There are lots of questions when you are buying a yurt. The process of looking and thinking is both exciting and challenging.

We hope our website goes some way to helping making your information gathering simpler and enjoyable.

Those that know me will tell you I like to talk about what I love. So if it helps please feel free to call me. However, I am often not available to take calls so if there is no answer then email me with some good times to call you back.

Whatever questions you have, feel free to call me or email and I will only be too glad to help you out.

Our Office hours are 10am until 4pm Monday to Friday.
We will try to respond to your email or message as soon as we can but sometimes this is not possible and there maybe some delay.

email: rob@yurtworkshop.com

UK Inquiries:
0208 123 6241

European Inquiries: 0034 _622 045 789

Message me now using the Whatsapp Link below: wa

Or Use Skype to give me a call:

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Find out about our Yurts

Find out more about the fine yurts we make.

In stock at the Yurt Workshop

16 foot Luxury Yurt
16 foot yurt in stock 16-foot diameter
Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke traditional crown
Insulated and lined for all season usage
One 75 cm width glass window.
Lockable Moorish door with window


In stock at the Yurt Workshop

18 foot Glass wall Yurt
18 foot yurt in stock 18-foot diameter
High wall (190cm)
Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke traditional crown
Insulated and lined for all season usage
One panel door with window
4m glass wall with one opening panel


Easy to pitch yurts

Are you concerned about putting up your yurt?
Our yurts are simple and easy to pitch and come with an detailed pitching guide and telephone support.
We also offer a pitching service. Find out more

Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Polly & Ben from Southern Spain, 2005:

Hello again, just to say we love our yurt, it is a thing of beauty. We are really glad to have found you and it.
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