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Spring in the Glass wall Yurt

Feb 20, 2017
A photo update of the original Glass Wall Yurt. 
Some three or more years ago we made this fabulous yurt, the first in a series of what we have come to call Glass Wall Yurts. These yurts are commissioned bespoke original structures. We wanted to share how this yurt is faring, how the garden is developing (thanks to all that hard work) and a few words from the owners. 
So a few words from the owners.  
When I am thinking about our yurt, I do not understand how I have been living without a yurt for so many years before we got this one. It is now fundamental in our life. For me to use as a studio for my paintings, and for both my husband and myself as a place to relax and meditate.

The whole structure, the craftsmanship and quality put into it by Rob and Ratna, is precious to us, and makes the appearance of it so beautiful.

When we came to see Rob in his own yurt in Cadiar, I felt he had the rare gift of listening. He understood our needs, and the yurt is a great statement of that today.

Rob and Ratna wanted to make a Yurt with a lot of light coming in through big windows on one side of the yurt. That turned out exactly how I had imagined it, and it is working perfectly.

These last years the weather has been really bad sometimes, even here in the mountains of Andalucia where we live. But the rain and the wind, and even snow, have not been a problem at all for our yurt. All my canvas paintings are perfectly dry inside there. Being a studio for painting, it is important that there is no humidity inside the yurt, and for that our closed gas fireplace is perfect.

We can only say we are extremely thankful to Rob and Ratna and their very clever and dedicated crew making this a reality for us.
Jannicke Camilla, spring 2017. 
Stunning garden with the beautiful yurt 
The yurt is set in a beautifully crafted garden.  
Almond blossoms in the garden... 
Almond blossoms close to the yurt. 
Sand colour canvas Glass Wall Yurt 
The sand canvas has weathered beautifully along with the burgundy straps...
The view from inside...
The view out of the expansive glass wall is as stunning as ever.  
The sand canvas blends in beautifully.  
The sand canvas blends effortlessly with the natural surroundings
The 2/3 glass door and lower wooden section give a centre-point to the glass panels each side. 
Framed in blue 
Here the yurt looks like a fabulous fortress atop of the stone foundations.  
We are making 3 or 4 of thee yurts each year, they are one of a kind and and all have been very well received indeed. If you are considering having one made for you then please get in contact using the contact us page. 

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