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interior of a yurt for sale
We offer an extensive range of yurts, covers and accessories and for this reason we also offer a personal service to make sure you are able to get the correct pricing information for the yurt(s) you are interested in. If you have any questions whatsoever please get in touch.


Prices for: Luxury Standard Specification Yurts
Beautiful rustic frames with weatherproof canvas cover.

Prices for: Luxury Insulated Yurts
As the Standard yurt but with the luxury felt insulation and liner.

Prices for: Luxury Glass Wall Yurts
The glass wall yurts are all bespoke, made exactly as you want it, for more information read this page, Glass Wall Yurts In addition, we will only be too happy to answer any questions you have about ordering your glass wall yurt.

Prices for: Yurt Doors
Prices for: Yurt Windows

Brexit Updates:

Our prices are given in British Pounds and Euros.

For those of you buying from within the UK the prices are as listed on our website and you will be charged 20% VAT.
More details will provided with your estimate.

For those buying within the European Union there is a 21% sales tax (VAT/IVA).

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