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"I really want to order one of your yurts, a friend of mine has one of yours from 15 years ago and she hasn't had to do any maintenance or replace anything at all, insanely good quality."

Dominic from Mallorca

Yurt Specialist Rob Matthews outside his own yurt
 Yurt Specialist Rob Matthews outside his own yurt
Rob & Ratna Matthews established the Yurt Workshop nerly 20 years ago. They first learnt yurt making in Somerset from the UK's most experienced yurt makers. Having apprecticed with such a predtigious teacher was a blessing. However, later on Rob then traveled to Central Asia to continue training and refining their technique and design. In fact they have never stopped learning and continue to improve on the design and techniques each year. 

In a nutshell we make high quality luxury yurts, specifically adapted for the UK and European climate. Using traditional designs and craftsmanship and the best of modern materials. We specialise in making beautiful looking and finelycrafted yurts.  
traditional methods of yurt making
With a focus on traditional methods they have an extensive woodworking shop where we craft the beautiful oak crowns and the splendid doors and windows we are known for. 
Fitting a yurt Roof - Ratna MatthewsThe Yurt Workshop is one of the longest established yurt makers in Europe and has made 100s of yurts which have been sent to many countries including UK, most European counties insluding France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Geramny, Spain, USA, Australia, and more.
Rob is a highly respected yurt maker and pioneer of high quality, innovative and authentic yurts. The workshop yurts have a number of features not found on other yurts and of course we pioneered the Glass Wall yurt some years ago and more recently we introduced another first with the double skin roof for extra protection in all climates. 

In fact, the Yurt Workshop is the only workshop in UK & Europe making hand crafted authentic yurts we know of. As a result the Yurt Workshop remains unique in offering high quality authentic designs made for the UK & European climate. 


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