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fervent feedback stressing satisfaction and delight

Our clients frequently remind us of the beauty, quality and durability of our yurts.  Each time we make one we find the compliment we receive a marvellous reward.  
Christopher from Spain

"The 2 yurts we got from you are very popular with our guests We also like the quality of the materials and craftsmanship."

A 14 foot with 6 foot walls
 And on the inside. 
Dominic Mallorca,
 I really want to order one of your yurts, a friend of mine has one of yours from 15 years ago and she hasn't had to do any maintenance or replace anything at all, insanely good quality.
Yurt up !
LOVE it, absolutely love it. Many thanks to Ratna for her help. And to you and your team for such beautiful craftsmanship : WOW (photos on your site do not do it justice !)
🙏🏽 Gill 
 Dear rob. I hope all is well. I wanted to share some pics of the yurt. It is AMAZING and we are so very happy with it. Leveling the ground was a challenge but we did pretty ok. Just wanted to say thank you for your very beautiful product and home. We are definitely interested in purchasing another one. Smaller for just a bed. We can begin talking about it in time. All the best and thanks again. Don’t mind the bamboo skirt. It’s only temporary 😉
Shana and James
I cannot recommend  the Yurt Workshop, Rob and Ratna more highly. The yurts are absolutely stunning.  They are not only visually beautiful but also extremely well made.  The canvas colour is very stylish and the moorish doors and windows give the whole yurt such a unique look.
The yurt arrived exactly when Rob predicted. We found putting it up quite a challenge but there was a  comprehensive instruction booklet and both Rob and Ratna were on the end of the phone to help and advise.  Any issues we had were dealt with professionally and promptly. 
I am so happy that I found this bespoke, reliable company and such lovely people to deal with.  The yurt has bewitched my family and friends and become a magical place to hang out!  Thank you Rob and Ratna. 
Robert of Wild Northumbria
(first yurt purchased 2014)
....we just cannot say how much we love both our lovely Yurts from you. Truly the best. 
We are planning a 3rd and a special one. We love the idea of incorporating the new colour choice somehow too.
We want to create a treehouse Yurt. A 16th foot one on a platform 8-10ft in the air with a rope bright to a stargazingplatform.. Its going be in the trees...
We assembled the yurt in Menorca, it’s a stunning space. The sensation when your inside it is very calming and it looks amazing.
Kari (Yurt Purchased in 2011) 
I have had a fantastic experience with the yurt in Juva, in the eastern part of Finland.....And I have to say that I have been very happy with the yurt and am eager to go forward. 
Gus From Mallorca
Dear Rob, we have been living in our yurt for  5 years now and are entirely happy with it. 
We are now looking to buy a second yurt to provide us with work/guest space. 
I have been looking at second hand possibilities but none come near to the beauty and quality of yours and it seems only right to have another one the same, we are ready to order!
The yurt looks great...very happy with it☺☺☺ thanks for all the work!
 Fifteen Foot Glass Wall Yurt
Praise from Damian, UK.
Living in that Yurt was a very special chapter in my life though and saved my sanity from stress overload during a particularly difficult time at work. Thank you very much. 
Recent praise from the Grange, (http://www.thegrangenorfolk.org.uk).
We recently heard from the Grange after a few years with one of our 18 foot yurts and they are very happy with the yurt letting us 
"It has served us very well " 
Carl, Portugal 
Carl wrote to me and shared his experience after three years of living in his yurt.  
All in all, we are really pleased with how the yurt has performed. Some of our friends have yurts from other suppliers and they have had many problems such as leaks (in the first year) and rotting canvas. We have helped some of them to erect their yurts too and found that the process was very difficult, compared to putting up ours, parts didn't fit properly and the instructions weren't clear (or didn't exist!). We are so pleased with every aspect of our yurt.  We recommend you to all of our friends and show your website at any opportunity.
Camilla Rosenlund commenting on a Facebook quote about the special quality of our yurts..
Thanks to you and Ratna I have this incredibly beautyful Yurt with a lot of windows that gives all the light I need for my work as a painter. I have never seen this quality in any other Yurt. After this terrible rain we had now in Andalucia,-the Yurt is totally fine! I can never stop thanking you! Jannicke Camilla 
Annelies Lauwers, a old customer from Belgoium, commenting on a Facebook quote about the special quality of our yurts..
Totally true. It is a wonderfull home. But you guys create thé most beautifull Yurts and such good Quality. Lived in it for 5years in Belgium. Now a friend lives in there and is also very happy. Now with our newborn child we moved to a small house but I can not wait to buy one again later! You guys build with love so we can live there with love. Beautifull!!!!
Wow. It is going to be the most extraordinary home. 
Sylvia, San Francsco, USA
Yurt in the USAWhat a day!!!! We did it! Definitely a little bit tense in places, but it looks beautiful and is very secure and snug now. What an incredible work of art. We are exhausted, eating burritos by the fire, and soon to pull our bed in for the night! Tomorrow we will begin the proper move in. All day, everyone marveled at the incredible beauty of the chestnut lattice, the crown, the wonderfully sewn felt. Wow. It is going to be the most extraordinary home. 
Thank you both for all of your incredible support and skill along the way!
Liz H, Red Bus Nursery, UK
School Yurts in BristolThank you to The Yurt Workshop for such a wonderful job, professional and helpful from start to finish, we love the end product.
Thank you Rob and Ratna! 
Jenny, UK
We are so happy with our fantastic yurt – can’t believe it has been up for almost 18 months already. We have had so many great comments from people coming here for courses and more recently we have kitted it out and rent it on Airbnb which our guests really enjoy.
Jmaes Pitching his yurtJames M. UK
Just want to say we are absolutely thrilled with the yurt - what a beautifully made work of art. We had a fun day putting it up yesterday and luckily it was a dry day unlike today which is pouring with rain - happy to say the yurt is totally waterproof. I’ve attached a few photos so you can see the finished article and the work in progress (I’m the bloke up the stepladder).
I will keep in touch - if you want me to write a more formal testimony for your website or anything else I will be more than happy to do that.
With all best wishes,
Rob form Wild Northumbrian 
Your Yurts are simply the best .
Tim and Maggie, UK
Thank you again for your reliable service - it has been great choosing, designing and receiving our yurt through you.

21 foot glass wall yurtAnd the yurt...? – we could not be happier!You, Ratna and your team have really created a masterpiece, that we have the fortune of enjoying the beauty of every day. Thanks a million for putting so much real quality into it! We are happy it inspired someone else to order a similar one aswell.
Ed, UK
I really love the yurt. It has exceeded my expectations.
Tim UK
just to say thank you for the Yurt, it looks and is fabulous.
Damian, UK
Hi Rob,
I've now been living in the Yurt for over a week and I wanted to send you a review of how things have gone with our new home. 
Firstly and in short the the Yurt has surpassed all of my expectations! Everyone thought I was crazy moving into a tent as they put it during the biggest storms that the UK has seen in years and the Yurt has taken some punishment. It remained warm, dry and perfectly still throughout and proved itself beyond any doubt that this is my dream home. This was a gamble but it has paid off better than I could have imagined. 
When the Yurt arrived it was very well packaged and took an hour to unwrap and lay out all of the components. Each component was well labelled and easy to organise ready for the build. I was amazed that it took two of us only 4 hours to build!!!!!! We were and still are truly amazed at the quality of the build and the attention to detail in the design and each element just fitted perfectly like a giant jigsaw. The woodwork is beautiful and the felt really makes it a warm and cosy home that both my son and I absolutely love; with the log burner blazing away it is really quite magical inside and incredibly warm no matter what is happening outside. I find living in the yurt to be so relaxing and snug. 
Buying this yurt is the best thing I have ever done and has made such a difference to the quality and enjoyment of life when I am home and the amazement on peoples faces when they come through the hobbit door is a constant source of amusement. The naysayers are all now looking at your website with a strong recommendation from two very happy yurt dwellers in a very wet and windy but very snug UK. Thank you so so much for our wonderful new home.  
Alison and Rob, Ibiza 
Hi Ratna, 
Yes! we have, Rob and the team are putting them up at the moment, they are taking pictures, although I'm yet to see them.
Rob is incredibly happy with the build quality, so thank you! i will send pictures over to you as soon as I have them.
Bobby, UK
We love our yurt. Love it!! 
Anna, Ireland
Rob, we are incredibly impressed with the build quality, thanks to you and your team. 
Kyle, Belgium
I couldn't be more happy with my yurt, it is nothing less than a work of art...
Dennis, Scotland
Brilliant yurt! Brilliant Service! Thanks for getting here on time. The yurt is very well loved...
Andrew G
Great Yurt - thanks Rob. We used it for the first time a couple of nights ago - it's fantastic!!! I'll send some pics in due course. All the best.
Bianca, Italy

Hi, Rob & Ratna! (and Chris too!)

It’s been 3 months since Chris was here pitching the yurt and it’s been a very happy 3 months. All my visitors are of course totally intrigued and think it’s the coolest thing ever. It’s everything I imagined it would be.

So I just wanted to pass along a few pictures and also to tell you, once again, how very glad I was to have found the Yurt Workshop.

I’ve named it “Eowyn’s Eyrie” (If you don’t recognize the name, Eowyn is a Lord of the Rings reference).

Mr K, from Finland

Hi Rob and Ratna!

Greetings from Juva. I am right now at my yurt site to clean up for summer.
I aYurt In Finlandm happy to report that the yurt survived the cold and snowy winter very well. The weather conditions varied a lot. In the beginning
(November and December) it was very humid and rainy. After that, lots of snow and very cold (sometimes almost -30 centigrade)
I visited the place once a month for a few days  to check that things are all right. Everything was and is. Once, in March, there was about 30 cm of heavy snow on the roof. The roof held nicely, but of course I removed it from the roof immediately after I arrived.
Also, there was a furious storm right after Christmas. The wind broke a 30 meter spruce in half and the top (15 meters) fell right beside
the yurt (six meters from the wall). I was not here when this happened, but learned about it afterwards. The yurt itself was not
effected by the storm, though.

All the best

- K, from the deep forests of Finland
Mark Lawson, UK
Yurt Workshop YurtsRob,

Just thought I'd send you this photo I took today. We were at StoudOnWater in the Cotswolds with two of our llamas (Spud & TwoTone) helping to raise money to restore the canal. The yurt is about 5 years old now and it's still as sturdy and comfortable, as when we got it.


Mark Lawson
CotswoldCamelids - Llama walks, picnics and events.
Glenn, School Project UK,
The workmanship on it is excellent.  Love the oak door!
Dan, CloudHouse.es, Spain
Yurt Cloud HouseThank you Yurt Workshop, our Glamping business wouldn't have gotten off the ground without you! This past summer our handmade yurt has never been so busy, accommodating Glampers from all over Europe in total splendour.Our hand crafted yurt is beyond expectation, incredible attention to detail and finishing, thank you Rob & Ratna its perfect
The Cloud House Farm team extend their deepest gratitude to Rob & Ratna for building a magnificent yurt.

Nick, Spain
Naked YurtSo what can I say Rob, your yurts are seriously tough and will be recommended by me to anyone...the yurts are,as I like to say, better than a Ferrari. Thanks to you and the team.
Kari, Finland
HI Rob and Ratna,
The yurt arrived yesterday and we pitched it straight away with my dad. It is just splendid. Excellent craftsmanship! 
And Rob, thanks for the advice that I should get the door. It really is great!
All is well in Juva!
Derval McGovern, Tea Pot Lane Yurts
I always reccommend your yurts to people who are interested.  I have 2 other yurts that were cheaper to buy (all I could afford to get started!) and there is no comparison to yours I will have to replace those in another year or so whereas yours has been up all year and causes me no problems!
Chis Dean
Two years on and we still love our Yurt...thanks Rob & Ratna
John, Spain
...as we unpacked it we were awed by the workmanship and attention to detail. Each item was simply beautiful and once we pitched the yurt we just sat outside and admired it.  The help you provided in selecting our yurt, the on ongoing updates, the organisation of the delivery...wonderful yurt, wonderful service, thank you and your staff for our new home.
Ingrid, Sweden
...though I am still getting a lot of satisfaction just strutting about looking at it, sitting looking out at the world beautifully framed in the door's window, purring etc you get the picture!

Elisabeth, UK
I cannot thank you enough for making such an beautiful yurt! Everything about it is simply perfect.  The joinery is the finest I have seen on any yurt. You guys rock! 

David and Celia, Spain
Wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with the yurt.  We sleep fantastically in it and feel very at home. 

It's simply beautiful!  Thanks!"

Dan and Juss, Spain
IT LOOKS FANTASTIC, you guys do an incredible job. Can only say we love it. Now time to enjoy the yurt and think about the next one!! Take care u4, thanks for making it over & sharing the incredible art of yurting! We all thought it was an incredibly special day.

Chris Dean, Spain
Just a quick email to tell you how much we love our yurt, it looks fantastic!...it went up beautifully, looking nicer and nicer at each stage. The walls, roof poles and crown went together easily and even at that stage it looked fantastic.  I have started doing yoga and meditation in the ger, it is such a lovely, relaxing and peaceful place. 
So this is to say a huge thanks to you both for building such a beautiful ger, the work and care that has gone into it is obvious, the quality of the woodwork and the materials are superb.

Harriet, UK
Thank you so much.  It is a beautiful yurt. The attention to detail is wonderful. Everything works so well. The packaging is also brilliant and I will reuse it when travelling. 

David, UK
We love the yurt! We all love it and cant keep out of it.  Your service is brilliant and against the odds you had made in time. 

Erik and Caroline van Hulst , Holland
Finally, after three days of hard work, I am able to relax a little bit in my cosy hammock and write you an e-mail to say thank you for the beautiful yurts you have made. What a great piece of workmanship! Also our compliments for the way the parts were labeled and packed. That made everything a lot easier.
On thursday we started at 7.00 a.m. and we had both yurts up at 5.30 p.m. (is this a good time for non-experienced yurt builders :-))
So, once more, thank you for a great job and please express our thanks to all the people who have put their efforts in the making of our yurts. (the paintwork on the crown is fantastic!)
Charlotte Phillips, Northern Spain
Its fantastic! You really have thought of everything and I appreciate the quality of it, well worth the money so Thankyou very much.  Another ýurtmaker helped me put it up and he's well impressed and has been taking notes. Which is great as he's just starting out.

Francis Baxter, Baleares:
We´re loving the yurt, just loving it. It´s a true work of art, thank you.
Max Machin, Estepona, Spain:
It's the best thing I have ever bought. I love my yurt!

Richard Everiss Director for Yorkshire Planetarium, Leeds, England: 
The Ger itself is simply a thing of understated beauty. Adapted to meet my requirements it could have been a disaster but the care and attention which has been lavished on it during its construction is evident. Rather like finding a smooth pebble on a beach, so Robert and his wife Ratna have hand crafted a building that is wonderful to touch and feels naturally balanced.

Kathy from Barcelona, Spain: 
..thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you - The yurt looks amazing and is beautifully made, "maker of fine yurts" is certainly an appropriate title. It is beautiful and warm, even in sub zero temperatures. 

Polly & Ben, Brighton, UK: 
Hello again, just to say we love our yurt, it is a thing of beauty. We are really glad to have found you and it.

Henrietta, Yurt Hotel, Spain: 
I have been meaning to email you for days now to say how much we love our new yurt. It is really beautiful, thank you very much! I just wanted to wait until we had some photos to show you. I had to wait until we had a changeover.
Here they are...

Thank you again for our lovely yurt.

Nick, Scotland: 
We love the Yurt - put it up this spring time and we love the traditional feel and shape.

Catherine, France:  
The ger went up perfectly thank you and was loved by all.
Follow Up
We caught up with a few of our old customers to see what they thought of their yurt and our service. Here is what they said - follow the links below:
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16 foot Luxury Yurt
16 foot yurt in stock 16-foot diameter
Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke traditional crown
Insulated and lined for all season usage
One 75 cm width glass window.
Lockable Moorish door with window


In stock at the Yurt Workshop

18 foot Glass wall Yurt
18 foot yurt in stock 18-foot diameter
High wall (190cm)
Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke traditional crown
Insulated and lined for all season usage
One panel door with window
4m glass wall with one opening panel


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Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Henrietta, Yurt Hotel, Spain, 2006:

Hi Rob,
I have been meaning to email you for days now to say how much we love our new yurt. It is really beautiful, thank you very much! Henry and Ed, The Yurt Hotel
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