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At the Yurt Workshop, we take yurt-making to a whole new level. With almost two decades of experience and the creation of hundreds of yurts, we have honed our skills to perfection. What sets us apart is our dedication to producing luxury yurts that retain an authentic charm while utilising the finest quality materials and paying attention to every detail. Our approach is customer-centric, recognizing the individuality of each client and offering personalized yurt solutions that cater to your specific needs.
21 foot Mongolian Yurt
A Quality With No Name... 
Take, for example, our 21-foot Mongolian Yurt. It's not just the exceptional quality of the materials we use, nor is it solely the authentic designs or the craftsmanship we employ. It's not only the remarkable team of individuals dedicated to creating your yurt. It's the amalgamation of all these elements and something intangible, as Christopher Alexander describes in his influential work, "The Timeless Way of Building."

21 foot Mongolian Yurt
Our customers are drawn to our yurts because they can sense our passion, commitment, and unwavering dedication to crafting the best. Numerous factors distinguish our yurts from the rest. Explore some of the advantages of owning one of our exceptional yurts.
16 foot Mongolian Yurt

Another first only with the Yurt Workshop

For those seeking the finest quality, our insulated and glass-wall yurts go beyond a single canvas roof cover. They include an additional canvas roof cover, ensuring their functionality even in the most extreme climates.
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Sumptious and delightful yurt interior

As you explore our website and admire the stunning yurts we create, you'll notice that we stand out from the crowd. We take great pleasure in offering these yurts to you, knowing that our dedication and hard work will be sincerely appreciated.
15 foot bespoke design

Design Your Yurt!

Yurt Builder and Yurt Expert Rob Matthews
A significant number of our customers choose to customize their yurts. We provide an extensive range of options, including various doors and windows, the ability to join yurts to create yurt complexes, flexible wall heights up to 6 feet, natural wood or painted crowns tailored to your preferences, different stove positions, wooden floors, a variety of colored felts, braided tension bands, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and we specialize in turning your ideas into reality.

Beautiful Yurt Interior

Visit Us and See the Quality for Yourselves

We encourage you to take a look at our website and, if possible, visit our workshop to experience the beauty and authenticity of our yurts firsthand. The reason they are so visually pleasing is because we prioritize craftsmanship. We never cut corners or compromise on quality. With genuine passion and unwavering dedication, we take great pride in crafting exceptional yurts that reflect our commitment to excellence. And if you can't visit you can take a peak inside the workshop

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Bruce and family purchased this beautiful 21 foot yurt to be their off-grid home...

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Rob wants to hear from you Embarking on the journey of purchasing a yurt can be filled with numerous questions and considerations. It's a thrilling yet challenging process of exploration. At our end, we strive to ensure this experience is both effortless and delightful for you. Should you require any assistance, simply click the link below and reach out to us; we'd be more than happy to help!

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