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15 foot bespoke design
As yurt designers and innovators we have studied the real yurts of Mongolia and Central Asia.  We have understood why they were made the way they are. With a passion for quality, aesthetics and tradition we have crafted our yurts accordingly.

As it stands we are the only yurt crafters who make quality yurts using traditional designs. 

Our yurts offer all the advantages of the authentic yurt without all the disadvantages of the cheap poorly made imported yurts we often find Europe. 
Below I want to share some of the differences, the advantages if you like, that we offer with each yurt we make. 


Among the Stars Yurt CrownOne of the most important aspects of a yurt is the canvas cover - this is what keeps the yurt dry and allows moisture out (breathing).  We have our canvas specially made to order.  We have the canvas proofed to a very high standard to ensure the canvas will not leak whatever the climate.  We go the extra mile with proofing so you can relax knowing you have the best-proofed canvas available. 
Two layers of Canvas 
Furthermore with our insulated and glass wall yurts you dont just get one canvas roof cover but an additional canvas roof cover to make sure our yurts work in the harshest of climates. 

We Offer Quality Yurts Made to Your Specification

Attention to detailOur aim is to create a high-quality authentic yurt, sensitive to the original design and heritage but made to last.  In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to fully customise their yurts.  We offer a vast range of doors and windows, we join yurts to make yurt complexes, we offer different wall heights up to 6 feet, natural wood crowns or painted to your specification, different stove positions, wooden floors, different coloured felt, braided tension bands and much more.  Whatever you want we can do it. 

We specialise in bringing your ideas to life. 

Special Features

Hoope Yurt HotelOur yurts have many special features. These features are nothing new and are found in all traditional Mongolian yurt, yet, surprisingly, not often found on European made yurts. We believe these features are important and should not be omitted.  Below these features are described in some detail. 

High Quality materials
We choose the best materials for the job. Good wood, quality fabrics, made with traditional joinery and made to last.

Solid Oak Eight Spoke Mongolian Crown
The most beautiful and important part of a yurt is the crown. Our eight spoke crowns are crafted from 26 individually cut pieces of solid oak. Unlike the cheap alternatives found on most other European yurts these crowns are exceptionally strong and stunningly beautiful and will last many years.  Oak is the best wood by far for the crown and just because a real crown takes longer to make it must not be substituted for a cheaper alternative. Each crown is treated with no less than 6 costs of a special mix of oils to enhance its natural beauty. 

Crown Storm Rope
On the underside of crowns, as in a Mongol yurt, we attach a rope. In the event of a storm this is attached to a large stone beneath the crown to prevent the crown lifting.  Again we have never seen this important feature on other UK or European made yurts.

Traditional Door Frame & Custom Doors
Crafted DoorsThe Mongolian yurt door frame is distinct. It has a high threshold to prevent the ingress of wind, snow and dust. A low lintel to keep the heat in and avoid heat pockets in the roof above the door.  The frame is flat and strong and embedded in are hand forged steel rings to bind the walls to. 

We offer custom doors in many styles including painted panelled doors, barn doors, rustic doors, doors with windows and more. You decide on the type of door you would like and we will make it. 

The door frame is a structurally important aspect of the yurt and needs to be made well. We make a thick frame with very strong mortice and tenon joints to give a very strong frame. 

Six Rings and Three Ropes
A distinctive feature of the traditional yurt is the three ropes clasping the wall covers to the frame.  Its part and parcel of a real yurt. On either side of the door frame are three steel rings, hand forged, to thread the three ropes through. The ropes (or webbings) are tied around the frame to counter the weight of the roof and secure the covers and door frame to the lattice walls.  These ropes are not an option. The strength of the yurt is dependent on them.  

Hand Forged Ironwork
Hnad forgrd Crown Yurt Door KnockerThe three rings and door hinges, door handles and scratch plate  ironwork are hand made in a local forge to our specification. Not only are these pieces works of art but strong and reliable to compliment the rest of the structure.    
Wall Expansion Guide
To make it easier to pitch your yurt, a speciality of our yurt walls is an expansion guide at the top of the wall so it is absolutely clear how far to expand the wall. It makes putting the yurt up much quicker.

Crown Mosquito Net
As standard all our yurts come with a crown mosquito net for added comfort in the summer.

Authentic Adjustable Covers
Naked YurtOn a Mongolian yurt there is always felt and canvas. These covers are always adjustable because if they are not its very hard to put the yurt up if it has a felt insulation cover fitted. We know of no other European made yurts who offer adjustable covers.  

We offer the cover combination of your choice. Made from top quality materials and designed for ease of use our covers are excellent. 

Felt Cover - Insulation
The Felt CoverWe are the only yurt makers in Europe who routinely make, use and sell felt covered yurts. We know what works and what doesn't so know when you buy one of our yurts it will perform optimally. Felt is the traditional method of insulating and covering a yurt. A felt layer adds insulation and character. Felt transforms a tent into a home. 
We offer 100% wool, 10mm thick and trated with natural salts to give a fire resistance. Once we are unique in offering thick hiqh quality felt. If you need advice about what covers are suitable for your intended usage please get in touch. 

Inner Liner
Inner LinerIn Mongolia felt is combined with an outer canvas cover. Between the felt and frame a cotton liner is used to brighten the ger. We now supply felt inner covers, made from fire resistant polyestrer, with all felt insualted yurts.

If you prefer 100% cotton we can supply an inner liner made of cotton for you.

Outer Cover*

Outer CoverAn outer cover is positioned on top of the canvas and is beneficial for a number of reasons.
Firstly it is made of high quality polyester, and this fabric comes with built in fire resistance to BS standards. Secondly, the cover can be washed and will not shrink so you can keep your yurt looking fresh all rear round. Another major advantage is the outer cover protects your yurt from the intense UV rays and prolongs the life of your canvas. Where wind is an issue these covers increase the wind protection no end. Finally, they simply look better, something we know our customers really care about.

*optional extra

Design Enhancements for the European market
While the climate of central Asia is one of temperature extremes, rain is not much of an issue as it rarely stays damp for long periods.  However, given the European climate may at times be exceedingly wet we have incoporated some design changes to ensure the yurts last as long as possible while keeping you warm and dry. 
1) Steeper roof pitch for shedding rain (and more head room)
2) 20 cm of pvc skirt to prevent damage to bottom of canvas wall
3) Mixed fibre canvas for quick drying
4) Canvas waterproofed to highest levels available
5) Frame treated to resist water damage
6) Doors and windows designed to prevent water entering

Authentic Look.
Authentic LookThe overall look is a result of the steam bent curved wall, door frame, door height, felt, cover design.  Our yurt look and feel like a Mongolian ger.  We do not make our ger like the original just for looks and beauty each part needs to function optimally too. This design evolved through many generations – we believe it works.

How to Find Out More

Rob wants to hear from you There are lots of questions when you are buying a yurt. The process of looking and thinking is both exciting and challenging.

We hope our website goes some way to helping making your information gathering simpler and enjoyable.

Those that know me will tell you I like to talk about what I love. So if it helps please feel free to call me. However, I am often not available to take calls so if there is no answer then email me with some good times to call you back.

Whatever questions you have, feel free to call me or email and I will only be too glad to help you out.

Our Office hours are 10am until 4pm Monday to Friday.
We will try to respond to your email or message as soon as we can but sometimes this is not possible and there maybe some delay.

email: rob@yurtworkshop.com

UK Inquiries:
0208 123 6241

European Inquiries: 0034 _622 045 789

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In stock at the Yurt Workshop

16 foot Luxury Yurt
16 foot yurt in stock 16-foot diameter
Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke traditional crown
Insulated and lined for all season usage
One 75 cm width glass window.
Lockable Moorish door with window


In stock at the Yurt Workshop

18 foot Glass wall Yurt
18 foot yurt in stock 18-foot diameter
High wall (190cm)
Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke traditional crown
Insulated and lined for all season usage
One panel door with window
4m glass wall with one opening panel


My Yurt Escape

I have recently moved into a Yurt. Ever since going on my first meditation retreats, I  have longed for somewhere quite, somewhere still, to escape to, to be in nature close to the teachings. I am so very lucky that I did not have to wait all that long, only four or so years.


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Nick, Scotland, 2006:

We love the Yurt - put it up this spring time and we love the tradtional feel and shape.
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