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Yurt Window Prices

Yurt Window Prices

Fantatic yurt windows from the yurt workshop

Wooden Windows:

The Fixed Window
A fixed non opening glass window.
Frame width options 50, 75, 100cm.
Prices for fixed windows below:

Frame Width GB PoundsEuros
50 £295.00445.00 €
75 £425.00490.00 €
100 £490.00550.00 €

The Opening Window 
A sophisticated and stylish  opening (inward) window.
Standard frame width options  75, 100cm. 
Options available include:
Internal shutter: from £100/120 euros]
Folding/double internal shutter: £200/ 240 euros
Removable fly screen: from £100/125 euros
Hand made hardware is available 
Price for Opening Windows:

Frame Width GB PoundsEuros
75cm £640.00720.00 €
100cm £775.00875.00 €
Double Window 170cm £1,450.001,625.00 €

The Deluxe opening window includes hand made hinges, catches and bolds, even the screws are handmade. The price is an additional £160/ 200 euros

The Canvas/PVC Window

Our standard size is 60cmx45cm (24"x18"). 
We can also provide round windows  45cm(18") or 60cm(24") diameter with or without an external blind.
Prices start from £90 
***These windows are NOT suitable for insulated yurts.  

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