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Oct 14, 2014
Colorful Wall In Yurt
These blogs are interesting and fun to write.   For this one I want to tell you a story, about a particular yurt customer, and she has kindly written her story for us.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 
Colour & Herbs & the Most Beautiful Yurt. 
Meditation Yurt ExteriorIt's all wrapped up in my passion for Colour and Nature. That real instinctive love has always been with me but for the last 55 years or so, since being a child, life just seems to get in the way.  
Don't get me wrong, I have been teaching Biology much of that time, passing on my love of enquiry and curiosity to 11 - 18 year olds. But as is so with many people, I worked too hard as teacher, mother, wife, daughter and so on. 
The Universe has ways of getting you to slow down. I never took any notice though of the bigger and bigger hints it was dropping on me. That was till a major car smash nearly took my life and my world seemed to come tumbling down around me.
Meditation Yurt CrownIt's at those times you feel like a small child: not in control, vulnerable, lost, and scared. It was during those times I learned that I had to begin to take care of myself, to give myself respect and love. A very close relationship with a wonderful horse helped me with all that but I still wasn't listening and things were still not going right ... and then I literally went back to my roots ... I found my great Granny's book about Herbs. I'd grown up with plants, herbs especially and had a lovely garden where I could create in colours, textures, scents, and sounds.

As my own knowledge began to grow so did my awareness of the ways in which my senses connected .. I discovered I am Synthesetic. That means that when I sense something .. say an aroma ... I also image colour in my head .... That happens with sound and other sense to some extent. When I say I image colour ... it is in energetic form not necessarily Chakra related ... but very powerful. The colour herb connection became all the more interesting when I found that the oils contained in plants also have a colour signature  ..... That signature doesn't always coincide with what I image but often does .....  When I paint, the colours I use offer my other senses a creative palette too. 
My work as a Colour Therapist is truly a meeting of all the knowledge and skills and the more esoteric sensual aspects I have acquired through academic training together with an energetic wisdom which has become available to me more recently. 

I bumped into Yurts 5 years ago ... well one special one actually … a space for Meditation, for sharing Energy work, for just being still ….   
I love working with the energy of circles .. so a round space was always what I wanted to create for myself.  But how to create a circular space in my home? That has been in my head for a long time. 
Yurt Interior 
Then I found The Yurt Workshop and Rob & Ratna ….
Now I was about to manifest a YURT.
Twas a long wait laced with expectation and at times, impatience. My Yurt would be a space to meditate, and also to teach meditation. It would be a space to ‘Play’ and ‘Explore’ colour with friends. It would be somewhere I knew my grandchildren would instinctively love.
June 2014:  The Yurt Arrives
Transporting a Yurt to the UKIt rolled up on a crate aboard a large transporter much to the interest of neighbours. It had travelled from Grenada, in Southern Spain. It had a tale to tell of its adventure already.
Even as we took all the boxes and bags out of the crate, I realised the care and attention that had gone into making it secure and safe. Every tie ring, every handle was wrapped in felt to make sure it wasn’t damaged.  And then I found the “How to put up your yurt” a detailed personalised manual with photographs as to pitching your Yurt.
A friend had already prepared a circular decking area on which to place my Yurt. But it was no ordinary decking. Built to Rob’s precise measurements, it had a DPM, 7 inches of insulation topped with a marine ply deck …. The bandstand they called it …..
Twas sited at the bottom of the garden with the fairies! Next to my pergola where I often sat to watch the sunset, and not far from my aromatic herb bed.
Putting up my Yurt (note I’ve taken possession of this Yurt now) took 3 and a half of us, Tony my hubby, friend Russ, Harry aged 4 and me …. it was a learning experience. Men don’t always read the instructions!
But we got there. I spent ages just stroking the sweet chestnut laths … smooth and beautifully formed. The workmanship on the door was astonishing. The tooled metal truly a love thing.
It wasn’t long before it began to look like a tent and then it took on the shape of a YURT – and clothed in its outer lining …. my YURT appeared and the call went up “YURTUS ERECTUS!”
It’s the beginning …. As I placed rugs, cushions and blankets inside and just sat, I knew that I felt ‘home’. Meditation was so easy and amazingly beautiful.
A few nights later my grandchildren came. Charlie aged 9 is really drawn to it. His fascination with technology stopped in its tracks. All he wanted to do was curl up on the rugs and cushions and quietly talk … his words, “I love it Nanna. I want a yurt in my garden when I’m older.”
October 2014 - Cat on a Hot Yurt Roof
Cat on a Hot Yurt RoofAnd here I am 5 months down the line …. Loving my yurt … sharing its colour and energy with others. We talk, we sit, we share energy healing in this beautiful circular space. It has soft lighting, a very efficient small heater needed in UK winters, soft cushions, seats, and many contributions from those who come and those I meet.  It will continue to evolve. But I feel blessed to have this space, and so does the cat! 

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16 foot Luxury Yurt
16 foot yurt in stock 16-foot diameter
Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke traditional crown
Insulated and lined for all season usage
One 75 cm width glass window.
Lockable Moorish door with window


In stock at the Yurt Workshop

18 foot Glass wall Yurt
18 foot yurt in stock 18-foot diameter
High wall (190cm)
Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke traditional crown
Insulated and lined for all season usage
One panel door with window
4m glass wall with one opening panel


Spring - Glass wall Yurt

A photo update of the original Glass Wall Yurt. 
Some years ago we made this fabulous yurt, the first in a series of what we have come to call Glass Wall Yurts. These yurts are commissioned bespoke original structures. 


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Nick, Scotland, 2006:

We love the Yurt - put it up this spring time and we love the tradtional feel and shape.
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