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Felt Insulation on Yurt Workshop yurtOne of the most important aspects of a yurt is the canvas cover. We have our canvas specially made to order.  We have the canvas proofed to a very high standard to ensure the canvas will not leak whatever the climate.  We go the extra mile with proofing so you can relax knowing you have the best proofed canvas available.
Once you have a waterproof outer cover you might consider adding some insulation. Felt insulation transforms a tent into a home.  It gives a feeling of strength, warmth and security. Once a person has used a felt insulated yurt they will never want to go back to a thin canvas cover.  In Mongolia and central Asia where canvas is readily available ALL yurts used as homes are felt insulated. 
Yurt Workshop felt insulated yurt

Insulation is very important in the summer and winter.  If you want to be warm and cosy in winter you will appreciate felt insulation. If you want to be cool you will also appreciate felt insulation.  In addition, in Mongolia they said the felt is the muscle of the Yurt. It is important as it gives strength to the structure.

When inside a felted yurt you know this to be true as it can be felt.

Our felt is 100% sheep’s wool treated to be fire resistant with natural salts. The thickness  is the minimum we believe necessary for Europe. Many of our customers insist on felt and are very pleased with their choice.
On the interior of the felt is a bright liner that can be washed.  This is invaluable to keep your yurt looking clean and bright year after year.  It is made of a fire retarded material that (with fire certificate) which is especially important if you having a stove in the yurt.

Yurt bedroom

Our fully covered and felted yurt consist of the flowing:

1) Wooden Frame – the same high quality chestnut frame as with the canvas yurt.

2) Inner liner – washable and fitted it brightens up the interior - fireproofed for your safety.

3) Natural Felt insulation 900g/sq meter, 10mm thick,  100% wool felt. This felt is made in Europe to a high standard and is naturally treated with fire retardant.

4) Canvas Cover – cotton/polyester canvas. Fully waterproofed 12 oz polyester/cotton canvas, treated for fire prevention and rot proof especially for us to the highest standard. 

5) Outer Cotton Cover* – In Mongolia, all yurt have a cotton cover over the canvas. This cover  gives the yurt the authentic look. The outer cover is an optional extra.

*optional extra
Once you have decided on what type of cover you require contact us to place your order or discuss you needs more fully.


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Buying a yurt is easy when you have the right information. I am here to supply that and I look forward to any questions that you may have. Feel free to call me or email and I will only be too glad to help out.

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10 foot Luxury Yurt
10 foot yurt in stock Natural chestnut frame with solid oak, 8 spoke crown.
Hand made deluxe rustic door with hand made hardware
Wall height opening wooden window positioned to the side of the yurt
High quality sand canvas
Lined with felt for ALL seasons usage

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Max, Estepona, Andalucia:

It's the best thing I have ever bought. I love my yurt!
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