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The 14 Foot Yurt

A medium sized yurt with many possibilities

The 14 foot yurt is our most popular size. Small enough to transport with the car and roof rack, yet big enough to sleep the full family in comfort.
We have customers using 14 foor yurts for many different purposes.  We use ours as a guest room for our visitors. Set in the garden it provides a beautful and practical extention to our home.
Other uses include temporary homes, spare room, classroom, cafe, therapy room, massage room, therapy room.


Brexit Updates: Our prices are given here in British Pounds and Euros. For those buying within the European Union there is a 21% sales tax (VAT/IVA).

For those of you buying from within the UK - you do not pay the 21% Spaniash sales tax but you will have to pay 20% VAT - more details will provided with your estimate

Our yurts come in three different levels of specification. Below are descriptions of the these levels. 
The standard specification consists of the beautiful oiled chestnut frame, oak crown and weatherproof covers. More details can be found by following this link: What You Get
The standard specification yurt is all you need to get started. It can be used comfortably in the summer and its use can be extended by the addition of one of our wood burning stoves
If you want to extend the use of the Standard Spec yurt even further then we offer the Insulated Yurt. 
PRICE: £3,630.00 / €4,120.00

Insulated yurts are game changers. The addition of natural insulation lined for comfort and looks makes a huge difference. To find our more about what a Felt Insulated Yurt can offer follow this link, Felt Insulated Yurts
PRICE: £5,010.00 / €5,690.00

The Glass Wall Yurt is the top of the range and has been designed to extend the use, comfort and style of the standard and insulated yurts into new territory. More details about these very special yurts can be found, The Glass Wall Yurt
As with both the Standard Yurt and the Insulated yurt there are many accessories that can be included, like stylish wooden doors, windows, stoves etc. This is even more pertinent with the Glass Wall Yurt.
However, for purposes of illustration I have given a price below that includes the insulated yurt specification, a traditional weight frame (where possible), a rustic door with two thirds glass combined with sufficient glass panels to form around one third of the wall in glass.
When it comes to the Glass Wall Yurt the possibilities are great indeed and you may wish to add further doors, opening or fixed glass wall panels, wooden wall panels, increase the height of the walls and so on.
PRICE: £7,840.00 / €8,910.00

Bespoke yurt making is our speciality. Nearly every yurt we make is non standard. It is made uniquely for each customer, to meet your requirements.
If you want a beautiful wooden door, wall-height windows, a glass wall yurt, wooden wall panels, joined yurts, coloured canvas...there is so many variations.
To get started decide on the size, frame weight, insulation level, doors, windows and get in touch and I will provide a detailed estimate for your dream yurt.

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