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what makes our yurts work so well?

Bits for Yurts!
More than 13 years ago, when we set out to start this business, we didn't just want to copy other yurt makers, instead, we wished to make a yurt that surpassed what the others were building.  This was no easy task as one or two of the yurt builders were already very good. However, we are hard workers and had a vision of what we wanted to create. 

We split the vision into three points of focus:
  • Attractive and traditional designs 
  • Quality materials and superb build quality
  • Excellent client service and after sales service
Thirteen years later we are producing some of the finest yurts in UK and Europe and have certainly achieved our aims. But we don't stop there. Each year we are looking for improvements, listening to customers feedback and working towards an even better product...improvement never stops. 
 Below are some of the aspects of our yurts that we believe still sets us apart, and delivers one of the best yurts you can buy. 
  • Weatherproofed for the harshest climates
  • Authentic, stylish and aesthetically balanced designs
  • An established workshop (13 years old)
  • Top quality and extra proofed canvas in a range of colours 
  • Hand built chestnut frames
  • Traditional 8 spoke oak crowns
  • A range of doors and windows unsurpassed in the yurt world
  • Sustainably sourced chestnut wood
  • Traditional joinery with modern glues and finishes
  • Made by those passionate about yurts coupled with many years of experience 
We are continuing to improve and yet never deviating too much from our winning formula. We hope you agree and look forward to hearing from you. 
My Yurt Escape

I have recently moved into a Yurt. Ever since going on my first meditation retreats, I  have longed for somewhere quite, somewhere still, to escape to, to be in nature close to the teachings. I am so very lucky that I did not have to wait all that long, only four or so years.


Easy to pitch yurts

Are you concerned about putting up your yurt?
Our yurts are simple and easy to pitch and come with an detailed pitching guide and telephone support.
We also offer a pitching service. Find out more

Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Max, Estepona, Andalucia:

It's the best thing I have ever bought. I love my yurt!
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