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New for this Year

Authentic Yurts Made at the Yurt Workshop

Each year as we receive feedback from our customers we make improvements to the yurts we make.  The refinements are developed and tested prior to incorporation in the yurts.  We are careful not to compromise the authentic design and only make those changes that make complete sense. 

Recent Improvements Include:
One of the most important aspects of a yurt is the canvas cover - this is what keeps the yurt dry and allows moisture out (breathing).  We have our canvas specially made to order.  We have the canvas proofed to a very high standard to ensure the canvas will not leak whatever the climate.  We go the extra mile with proofing so you can relax knowing you have the best proofed canvas available. 
We now commission the canvas especially for our yurts - the benefits include vastly high levels of water proofing and rot resistance.
New angled silicon flue collars are now offered.
Further changes to our standard door frame include increased thickness, increased joint surface and pegging, double door side rebate to seat the side poles and give superior sealing, the extra weight adding more strength and stability to the frame.  
Our crowns, although incredible strong  are now made with new epoxy glue to give invincible performance in the severest of conditions.
Newly designed windows with better drainage and fly screens now standard on all windows.  
Our doors just got even better with improved design and new windows shapes.

Crown fly screens are now FREE with all orders.

How to Find Out More

Rob wants to hear from you There are lots of questions when you are buying a yurt. The process of looking and thinking is both exciting and challenging.

We hope our website goes some way to helping making your information gathering simpler and enjoyable.

Those that know me will tell you I like to talk about what I love. So if it helps please feel free to call me. However, I am often not available to take calls so if there is no answer then email me with some good times to call you back.

Whatever questions you have, feel free to call me or email and I will only be too glad to help you out.

email: Rob@YurtWorkshop.com
Skype ID: drtwiggy
UK Inquiries: 0208 123 6241
European Inquiries: +34 _622 045 789
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The Eternal Circle

I came across a wonderful blogger, Candace Rose Rardon, a few weeks back and I was impressed not only because she is a fellow yurt lover, but a yurt dweller, a writer and an artist to boot. 


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Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Catherine, France, 2006:

The ger went up perfectly thank you and was loved by all
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