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Yurt Crown Supports

Authentic Design Specialised for the European Climate

Bagana (traditional decorative upright posts used to support the crown) are used in traditional Mongolian Gers and in a Yurt Workshop Ger they give an authentic Mongolian look.
In addition, they provide extra stability in high winds and heavy snow. 
However, with most of our yurts, these supports need not be left in place. If you have any questions please do get in touch. 
With our 18 and larger yurts, they come as standard.
We also offer a lifting prog, a tool to support the crown while pitching but is not left in place when the yurt is pitched. 
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Yurts In Space

We have been honoured with a commission for a custom built "Special" yurt for Yorkshire's first planetarium, based at Harewood House near Leeds.


Easy to pitch yurts

Are you concerned about putting up your yurt?
Our yurts are simple and easy to pitch and come with an detailed pitching guide and telephone support.
We also offer a pitching service. Find out more

Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Polly & Ben from Southern Spain, 2005:

Hello again, just to say we love our yurt, it is a thing of beauty. We are really glad to have found you and it.
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