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The yurt workshop is a family run business that brings together a love of tradition and authenticity along with quality materials and craftsmanship to make the very best handcrafted yurts in the UK and Europe. We limit the number of yurts we make each year to focus on making our yurts the best in the UK and Europe.

Discover the difference ...

UK Yurt from the Yurt WorkshopCustomers who buy a yurt from us often comment on the difference they notice between our yurts and others they have looked at. In addition to being superbly made, our yurts and gers respect the traditional Mongolian designs and look completely authentic. This combination of suburb build quality, choice materials and fine looks is what sets our work apart. Take a moment to look around our website and see all this for yourself. 

The Yurt Workshop Advantage ...

Yurt Makers for UK and Europe 
  • Weatherproofed for the harshest climates
  • Authentic, stylish and aesthetically balanced designs
  • An established Yurt Makers for UK and Europe
  • Top quality and extra proofed canvas
  • Hand built natural oak and chestnut frames
  • Sustainably sourced chestnut wood
  • Traditional joinery with modern glues and finishes
  • High-quality materials
  • Made by those passionate about yurts coupled with many years of experience 
Yurt Makers Rob & Ratna Matthews

Made with Passion ...

As you look over our website and note the beauty of the yurts we make you too will see that we are different. The reason for this is we make them right. We do not cut corners or sacrifice quality, we work with passion and dedication - we make fine yurts for sale.

Now Making Yurts to Our Friends in the US

Yurts for the USA 
In 2016 we sent our first yurt stateside and here is the response after a few months of usage. "Spring in our yurt is absolute heaven, we are SO happy with it. :)" Find out about Yurt Workshop Yurts in the USA


Outstanding Customer Service ...

Find out why our customers not only think that our yurts are the best but our follow up service is second to none. yurt Kathy bought her's in 2005 and tells us what she thinks of it now ...
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Latest Blog

Colour Me Beautiful

As you can see from the photo (right), I love colours and the richness they can create in our lives.

For some time we have offered sand canvas, and it has proved extremely popular.  It blends with most gardens, it is less stark and intrusive than white, and over the years I have come to appreciate and prefer it.


Yurt Workshop - Authentic yurts made for the European climate

Customer Comments

Catherine, France, 2006:

The ger went up perfectly thank you and was loved by all
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