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Mongolian Ger

A yurt holiday with a difference.

Mar 12, 2008
Yurt Inn - Yurt AccommodationWith shady forests, olive groves, natural springs, and two white washed villages close by, the site is full of adventure and has something for everyone.
Sleeping in a beautiful and authentic Mongolian Ger (a yurt) means comfortable nights while still living close to nature. Staying at the Alpujarra Yurt Inn gives you a chance for some adventure, to get back to nature, whilst still living comfortably.
The yurt is arranged and furnished for your comfort.  Tastefully decorated, comfortably arranged, the yurt has its own private space to enjoy the sun, or sit in the shade while you enjoy the splendid views, play with the children or simply relax.
During the season the temperature is generally warm and the flora and fauna in abundance.  The sound of the river trickling by, the birds singing and the sound of the gentle sway of the poplar trees is the backdrop to the peaceful and relaxing environment.

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In Kyrgyzstan

I intend to recall and share more details of HOW I learned to make yurts and why we make them as we do.

Much of my influence comes from studying with other yurt makers. And one of the most influential of these was a Kyrgyz family based in a yurt making village near to lake Issyk Kul, close to the Tian Shan mountains, Kyrgyzstan.


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Our yurts are simple and easy to pitch and come with an detailed pitching guide and telephone support.
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Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Kathy from Barcelona, Spain, 2005:

..thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you - The yurt looks amazing and is beautifully made, "maker of fine yurts" is certainly an appropriate title. It is beautiful and warm, even in sub zero temperatures.
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