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May 24, 2017
I was doing a bit of research for some new cover designs and quite by accident I found this blog form a few years ago - a customers experience with one of our yurts. I wanted to share it here so you can get a sense of what to expect when you a buy a yurt from us. 

Yurt Workshop in the UK

My Yurt, built by Yurt Workshop, before I planted my little garden

I have recently moved into a Yurt. Ever since going on my first meditation retreats, I  have longed for somewhere quite, somewhere still, to escape to, to be in nature close to the teachings. I am so very lucky that I did not have to wait all that long, only four or so years.

My Yurt is very beautiful. It is located in a small wood on the border of a Buddhist monastery. I will not say where as I do not want people to come and knock when I am not there! I will also not include photos of the inside as it is a very special place to me and I do not think that photos are necessarily appropriate (it is not a bragging point!) I shall, however include a photo of the outside. This is to provide a thumbnail for the blog post, as well as to serve as a reference and hopefully an advertisement for Yurt Workshop, who built it with patience and with skill.


Anyone that knows me knows that I am an over-researcher. This is, perhaps, slightly against some of the teachings (letting things go and letting things be…!) but, to be fair, this does mean that big projects do tend to go pretty smoothly… to a degree, that is!

Yurt in Buddhist garden

The Yurt and the cherry tree as it starts to blossom

After irritating and testing the patience of more or less every well known Yurt maker in the UK, I finally settled on Yurt Workshop. They have the most stunning Yurts for Sale that I could find, and, fortunately for me, they als

a. Make them bespoke to order

b. Are very, very good at what they do

c. Are incredibly patient when dealing with total idiots like myself

Not to make too much of a point about it, but Rob who built the Yurt is completely brilliant. He is an English ex-pat living in Spain. A very kind man who is, I very much believe, one of the most gifted Yurt builders in Europe. His website can be found at: www.yurtworkshop.com

You can read the whole blog here: May All Beings Be Happy

Find out about our Yurts

Find out more about the fine yurts we make.

The Eternal Circle

I came across a wonderful blogger, Candace Rose Rardon, a few weeks back and I was impressed not only because she is a fellow yurt lover, but a yurt dweller, a writer and an artist to boot. 


Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Max, Estepona, Andalucia:

It's the best thing I have ever bought. I love my yurt!
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