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Another Great Letter

Jun 03, 2014
Reach for the Sky
This is a very short but important blog! 
I received today one of the many emails we get from old customers.  
We love to receive feedback,  we want to hear from you our yurt customers, it is both rewarding to hear all the good reports and any problems that crop up we can deal with and make suture yurts even better. 
Dear Rob,
We have been living in our yurt for  5 years now and are entirely happy with it. We bought it from you at the same time as Anon  who is our neighbour here in mallorca.
We are now looking to buy a second yurt to provide us with work/guest space. The 16' diameter, felt lined with one window is what we are looking for, and I believe you might have one in stock.
I have been looking at second hand possibilities but none come near to the beauty and quality of yours and it seems only right to have another one the same...we are ready to order!
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Mr G. P.

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It was about six months ago that a beautiful and charming Norwegian lady visited us at our house in the mountains of Southern Spain. Her husband Bjorn and her were interested to see our work as they had heard we had some yurts for sale


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Nick, Scotland, 2006:

We love the Yurt - put it up this spring time and we love the tradtional feel and shape.
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