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Yurt Workshop Expands And Improves

Mar 24, 2013
Painted Yurt CrownSo much has happened this last year. We have now two new workshops. The first dedicated to felt and liner making. 
Our felt insulation is thick and warm and takes a lot of space to sew. With new dedicated rooms, machines and staff we have a beautiful environment to make these covers in. 
In addition, we have secured a new wood working shop for our carpenters to prepare the solid wood parts of the yurt. As ever we use our traditional methods and practices couple with the latest glues, paints and finishes. 
Furthermore, we introduced a custom door knocker, hand made at our local forge in the shape of a traditional Mongol crown. 
Other improvements include new options for the inner and outer covers, a fire retarded fabric (to BS) especially useful for those renting their yurts to the general public. 
Yurt Workshop Hand Painted Yurt CrownNew high quality wood finishes were tested and have now been incorporated into our work. These water based finishes are less toxic to our staff, give a superior long lasting natural look finish and combine beautifully with the natural oils we use on the wood.  The resultant colour of our chestnut frames is a deep honey and we believe is even more beautiful than before. 
As ever we continue to receive positive feedback from new customers and old. 

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Polly & Ben from Southern Spain, 2005:

Hello again, just to say we love our yurt, it is a thing of beauty. We are really glad to have found you and it.
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