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Find out more about the fine yurts we make.

Yurt Maker

a Yurt Company with a difference

Yurt Maker Rob Matthews on his shaving horseYurt makers Rob & Ratna Matthews have been making yurts and researching yurt traditions over the last decade and have built an extensive knowledge of the methods of their construction. As yurt builders they have a passion to keep learning and developing their skills. 

Yurt making did not spring out of nowhere and as a yurt company we are grateful for all those yurt makers who came before us and shared their knowledge with us. 
Yurt making is an art and craft and we are proud to be carrying on a traditional crafts and techniques.  
Yurt Maker Ratna Matthews in her workshop
In addition, we have begun to build a new website, www.YurtMaker.com to contain all the resources we can offer and find regarding yurt building/making.


How to Find Out More

Rob wants to hear from you There are lots of questions when you are buying a yurt. The process of looking and thinking is both exciting and challenging.

We hope our website goes some way to helping making your information gathering simpler and enjoyable.

Those that know me will tell you I like to talk about what I love. So if it helps please feel free to call me. However, I am often not available to take calls so if there is no answer then email me with some good times to call you back.

Whatever questions you have, feel free to call me or email and I will only be too glad to help you out.

email: Rob@YurtWorkshop.com
Skype ID: drtwiggy
UK Inquiries: 0208 123 6241
European Inquiries: +34 _622 045 789
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Skills of the artisans

The art of yurt making is most accurately understood in the heart of Central Asia. Journeying around Kyrgyzstan I was intent on discovering the secrets of the craft and the spirit of those who made them. I wasn't to be disappointed.


Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Kari, Finland:

It is just splendid. Excellent craftsmanship!
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Find out about our Yurts

Find out more about the fine yurts we make.

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