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Authentic Design Specialised for the European Climate

The Yurt Workshop is no ordianary yurt supplier.  What you will discover is our yurts are different. 
It’s not just the high quality of the materials we use – it’s not just the authentic designs or the quality of workmanship – its not just the brilliant team of people we have working on your yurt – it’s a combination of all these and a certain something beyond words – people love our yurts as they sense our passion, commitment and dedication to making our yurts the best.
There are many factors that set our yurts aside, take a look at some of the advantages of owning one of our yurts.
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As you look over our web site and note the beauty of the yurts we make you too will see that we are different. It gives us all great pleasure to offer these yurts to you knowing that our dedication and hard work will be appreciated.  

Design Your Yurt!

Yurt Door at Cloud House FarmMany of our customers customise their yurts. We offer a large range of doors and windows, we join yurts to make yurt complexes, we offer different wall heights up to 6 feet, natural wood crowns or painted to your specification, different stove positions, wooden floors, different coloured felt, braided tension bands and much more.  The choice is yours and we specialise in bringing your ideas to life.

Visit Us and See the Quality for Yoursleves

Beautiful Yurt InteriorTake a look at our web site and if possible visit our workshop and see for yourself that our yurts are beautiful, authentic and a joy to the eye. The reason for this is we make them right. We don’t cut corners or sacrifice quality, we work with passion and dedication – we make fine yurts.  

Further Information

Buying a yurt is not an everyday experience. We provide an extensive website to aid in this process. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for and need help please don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact Us

Buying a yurt is easy when you have the right information. I am here to supply that and I look forward to any questions that you may have. Feel free to call me or email and I will only be too glad to help out.

email: Rob@YurtWorkshop.com
Skype ID: drtwiggy
UK Inquiries: 0208 123 6241
European Inquiries: +34 _958 768 806
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Special Offer Yurts at the Yurt Workshoop

Yurt 10 foot Yurt
Chestnut frame with beautiful solid oak 8 spoke crown, deluxe door, weatherproof canvas cover.
Readt soon
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Yurt 16 foot Yurt
Chestnut frame, solid oak 8 spoke crown, rustic wooden door with window, wooden window with and shutter. Our top quality weatherproof canvas cover, transparent crown cover. Ready soon.
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Yurt 18 foot Yurt
Chestnut frame with beautiful oak crown.
Ready soon
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Yurt Workshop Customer Comments

Henrietta, Yurt Hotel, Spain, 2006:

Hi Rob,
I have been meaning to email you for days now to say how much we love our new yurt. It is really beautiful, thank you very much! Henry and Ed, The Yurt Hotel
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